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Press conference

As the pandemic still rules the world and many events got postponed or canceled because of it, the European Chess Union together with the Silesian Chess Federation Śląski Związek Szachowy are organizing the European Blitz Online Chess Championship 2020.

The Press-conference for the event took place in Katowice today, with the President of Katowice - Mr. Marcin Krupa, The FIDE Vice-President – Mr. Łukasz Turlej, the President of Silesian Chess Federation – Mr. Andrzej Matusiak and the top Polish GMs Mr. Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Mr. Arcymistrz Daniel Sadzikowski. GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda announced his participation and many other top Grandmasters have registered already. At the Press-conference more than 30 journalists were attending, which clarifies the fact that chess is booming like never before! The Championship is open and free of any fee only for players over 2300 FIDE standard rating.

You can register here: Tornelo

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